If you are considering giving up ownership of a terrier, we offer you the following information:
  1. Contact the breeder of your terrier. Responsible breeders will take a dog back if the placement does not work out.

  2. Contact St. Louis Jack Russell Rescue at rescue@blackburnjacks.com .
    A bio and pictures of your terrier may be listed on their web site for possible adoption.

  3. Go to petfinder.org and adoptapet.com and search the shelter and rescue links for rescue sites in your area that might accept your terrier

  4. Go to russellrescue.com links they have and contact their Rescue sites

  5. Contact Russell Refuge in Rhinebeck NY (russellrefuge.org) and ask them to check their extensive database for shelter openings.

  6. Put an ad in the paper to sell or give away your terrier

  7. St. Louis Jack Russell Rescue is accepting terriers only under extreme emergency conditions at this time. Foster facilities are very limited.

St. Louis Jack Russell Rescue has been the hub for rescue activities across the Midwest for the Jack Russell since 1998. Many dogs have found their “forever home” with our help over the years. Unlike other breeds, nearly all of the dogs in Rescue are there because their owners did not understand the unique needs and temperament of this little fireball!

Our first goal is education.  Often the problems that lead to a decision to give a dog up to Rescue can be solved and the dog can stay with it’s family. But, if a terrier does finally need to be given up, we always try to keep it with its family until we can find a new owner, just to minimize the emotional impact on the dog. And frankly because we have very few foster families that can provide temporary homes,  volunteers are always welcome to become foster parents for a Jack Russell in need of an interim home.

Emergency rescue cases. Any cases that are considered emergencies, or require immediate physical surrender of the dog are taken and placed in foster homes or in our facilities here at Blackburn Kennel in Franklin County, Missouri.  All dogs available for adoption are in good health, up-to-date on all shots and spayed or neutered. An adoption fee is required for all adoptions.

A few general guidelines.  These guidelines help determine which dogs can be taken into Rescue and how adoptions are determined. Our most important rule is that we cannot take a dog into Rescue that has bitten people. We will always review the particular circumstances to apply this rule, but if there is an official record of the bite, such as with law enforcement, animal control or a hospital emergency room, we cannot modify this decision. For adoptions, a large fenced yard is a must for your terrier. We typically do not place dogs with families having children under six years of age, or with lifestyles that can not accommodate the high mental and physical exercise needs of the Jack Russell.

You can take a short test to determine if your home and lifestyle are right for a Jack Russell. Visit this site to take the “Interactive Profiler”: www.therealjackrussell.com/breed/jrprofiler.php.

St. Louis Jack Russell Rescue is affiliated with Russell Rescue. Inc., and Missouri Earthdogs Rescue, and we also work with Jack Russell Rescue organizations throughout the United States.

You can see which dogs are available for adoption at our Petfinder web site at: St. Louis Jack Russell Rescue

Here are two "special needs" terriers looking for homes.

Other helpful links:

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America
Russell Rescue, Inc.
Russell Refuge, Inc.
Breed Profile

We always need volunteers to serve as foster homes, and any support you can offer would also be very much appreciated and put to good use.

Contact us at rescue@blackburnjacks.com
Call any time and leave a message (314) 963-4715.


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