Location: Purina Farms
Gray Summit, Missouri

  Contact: Bonita Knickmeyer
Email: bknickmeyer@gmail.com

Phone: 314-578-9688


FUN DAY March 3, 2019 (Sunday) from 1pm-4pm; GTG and racing offered
FUN DAY April 14, 2019 (Sunday) from 1pm-4pm; GTG, Tunnel Vision and racing offered
MEMORIAL DAY BASH May 24-26, 2019 Friday night racing under the lights, Saturday Conformation, Working Ceremony, GTG, Stakes GTG, Barn Hunt, Stakes Barn Hunt, Brush Hunt, Thunder Tunnel, Muskrat Racing, Lure Coursing, Raffle, Sunday Racing, Stakes Racing, Lure Coursing and much, much more throughout the weekend!
FUN DAY September 2019 TBA
AWTA Den Trial November 9, 2019 (Saturday) from 9am-3pm; Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO Saturday, November 9, 2019, 9am-3pm Trial Chair: Mike Hayes dugto03@gmail.com 573-701-3462 Judge: Aurora Rubel Hunting Seminar 3-6pm Aurora Rubel and Stephanie Poppe
FUN DAY November 2019 TBA

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Fun Days are a chance for your earthdog to experience the excitement of working in the earth in our specially designed Go-to-Ground (GTG) tunnels. Over the course of the Fun Day you will be instructed by our knowledgeable club members on how to introduce your dog to a tunnel, when to encourage and when to remain silent, how to proceed after mastering the short tunnel, and when to get packed for the next trial! For some dogs itís easy; others are a little reticent- but donít give up. Walk away and take a break from the action and come back a little later. You can have fun at the tunnels as many times as you like for as long as the Fun Day is in progress.

We also race at our Fun Days. Itís loud, itís frantic, itís intimidating but once your dog gets the hang of it thereís no stopping him. Racing takes place on our infamous "Hill of Sorrows". For the safety of our catchers in the catch pen and other racing dogs, muzzles are required but donít buy one before coming. We have several different styles to choose from and are more than happy to loan you one for the race. Racing rotates between "like" or similar dogs racing against each other. For example, pups race against each other, experienced racing dogs race against each other, dachshunds race against each other. There are two types of races: flat and hurdles. Once everyone has had several runs in the flats, the hurdles are put on the course and we begin rotating groups again. Racing can be very intimidating due to several factors: the noise level of barking dogs and the excitement they generate, the nearness of strange dogs, entering a starting gate, and not seeing the lure on the track ahead of them (the dog thinks ďwhatís the point of thisĒ?). You are free to wander between these two events as many times as you like, all for a nominal fee.


  • All of our Fun Days are held at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO.

  • Bring a leash, water and a water dish for your dog. Water availability is not close to our site.

  • There are bathrooms at the Visitorís Center and some porta-potties on the grounds .

  • If the weather forecast for Gray Summit is very bad, call 314-578-9688 for information as to whether we will be at Purina or not (we have only cancelled 3 Fun Days in 11 years).

  • When we see lightning in the sky at Purina, the Fun Day is over; if itís raining we may cancel racing but we will continue with Go-to-Ground.

  • Donít be discouraged if your dog has no interest in tunnel work and Go-to-Ground Ė be patient.

  • For a novice dog, the trick to racing is to see the lure. If the dog is slow coming out of the starting box and it never sees the lure whisk away , it has no idea why itís racing.

  • We want this to be a good experience for your dog. If you can stay later when itís less crowded we are happy to work with your dog one-on-one at racing. One of our goals is to help your dog get ďturned onĒ to racing.

  • Go-to-Ground is always a one-on-one experience. Itís much quieter and less stressful than racing but the lines are longer, too!

  • Weíre cheap. You neednít be an annual member of our club or any breed organization to participate (although, in keeping with our non-profit status, you will need to become at least a one day member). We just ask for a $5 donation per dog for current MOE members, $10 per dog for Non-Members for the duration of the Fun Day.

  • We love all breeds but reserve the Fun Day for your earthdog.

  • Lost items such as keys and cell phones will be turned into the Visitor's Center at Purina at the end of the Fun Day.

  • Remember to travel with your petís vaccination history.

  • Come for the exercise, come to talk to other dog owners just like you, come for the camaraderie.

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